Offbeat TechnetInnovating solutions for the unorganized sector.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Offbeat TechNet Pvt Ltd emerges as a trailblazing startup, specifically dedicated to addressing the unique and innovative challenges for the Unorganized Sector.
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01.About Us

Offbeat TechNet Pvt Ltd was founded with a clear vision of mitigating the challenges faced by MSMEs and SMEs operating in the unorganized sector.

Understanding the nuances of this segment, the company embarked on a mission to empower businesses by providing a transformative platform that facilitates efficient business operations and collaboration between skilled workers and employers.



  • Antony SJ
  • Deepa Malpani
  • Bibin Moncy

Antony SJ

Founder / CEO

  • Antony is a seasoned entrepreneur in the HoReCa industry, with over 15 years of experience.
  • Coming from an IT background, he s a pro at managing operations and keeping costs in check to boost profits. Besides running his own cafe/restaurant, he also offers consultancy services to HoReCa businesses aiming to optimize their operations.
  • He s known for his stellar results in strategy development, cost control, budget planning, and leading teams.
  • His innovative approach has a proven track record of driving growth and success, making him a valuable asset for any organization looking to improve operations and profitability.

03. What’s Next?

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